The mission of Community Greenhouse Partners is to improve the quality of life of those around us

Founder’s Club

We’re off to a great start here at Community Greenhouse Partners, but our goals are large and we need resources to continue pursuing our mission.  That’s why we have started the Founder’s Club: a way for you to join with those who share the thought that local food equates to a better local community – one that has access to inexpensive and wholesome food year-round. A community that benefits from programs that create mentoring, employment and educational opportunities. To do that, we need friends like you to make a tax-deductible charitable donation to Community Greenhouse Partners.  You can be confident that CGP will be an exceptional steward of your funds and you will see tangible returns on your donation.

CGP Founders’ Club:

$50: Founders’ Club base membership. Premiums include:

Donor’s name will be published here on the CGP website
Membership card.
CGP T-Shirt
5% discount at CGP Store (renewable yearly for $20)
Discounts at partner retailers (TBA)
Invitation to special events like ribbon-cutting, harvest festivals, special speakers/educators, etc.

Click on the Donate Now button below to join the Founder’s Club using your Credit Card at Just

*name used can be of your choice. Memorial gifts are encouraged.

Or, send Checks or Money Orders to:
Founder’s Club
c/o Community Greenhouse Partners

6527 Superior Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44103

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Additional Naming Opportunities:

For less than the cost of naming rights to Progressive Field, you can get in on the ground floor on a number of extraordinary naming opportunities:

$100:   A Chicken or Rabbit is named after you*
$250:   A Composting Bin is named after you
$500:   A Tree in the orchard is named after you
$1,000:   A Shelving Unit is named after you
$2,500:   A Small Garden Bed is named after you
$5,000:   A Fish Tank is named after you
$7,500:   A Hoop House or Large Bed is named after you (Total of 6 hoops and 5 beds available)
$10,000:   A Chicken Coop, Rabbit Hutch or Bee Hive is named after you
$25,000:   An Office or Classroom is named after you (Total of 5 available)
$100,000:   The Mandala Garden, Co-op Store, Community Space or Kitchen is named after you
$250,000:   The Memorial Grotto, Solar Array or Wind Turbine is named after you
$500,000:   A Greenhouse Bay is named after you (Total of 6 available)