The mission of Community Greenhouse Partners is to improve the quality of life of those around us

We’re Closing the Growing Season Gap!

Who: YOU are invited to a CGP

What: Indiegogo Fundraiser

Video Launch Party!

When: Saturday, November 9,  4 PM until 7 PM

Where: The home of Camilo and Rita Villa,
7402 Franklin Avenue in the Detroit-Shoreway Neighborhood

Why: To view the premiere of a Community Greenhouse Partners Indiegogo Fundraising video, eat local food prepared by well-known chefs, listen to live local music, and help make our Indiegogo Fundraiser a success with a donation using your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer!

CGP's Ostara Hoop House

CGP’s Ostara Hoop House

Community Greenhouse Partners is a non-profit educational urban farm, located in Cleveland, Ohio’s urban core. Our mission is to teach sustainability and earth science using the principles of Permaculture, create economic opportunities for our neighbors, and grow food year-round to sell in the food desert that surrounds our location.

Problem is, we’re in Cleveland, Ohio. Home of “lake effect” snow, blustery weather, and at the most, an 8-month growing outdoor season. We have hoop houses, and those help add a month to 6 weeks to the season, but from late December to the first week of March, it’s just too darn cold to grow with just a thin piece of plastic film between our plants and the elements outside.

That’s where you come in. Our plan is to convert the polyfilm covered Ostara Hoop House (pictured above) into a hard-shell greenhouse, using high-tech polycarbonate plastic that has a remarkable R-factor which will allow us to sustainably heat the interior without immediately losing the heat to the outside.

Twin-wall and Triple-wall Polycarbonate sheeting.

Twin-wall and Triple-wall Polycarbonate sheeting.

At minimum, we need 36 sheets of twin-wall polycarbonate, plus fasteners, caulk, endcaps and more. That’ll run us about $7,000.00, including shipping and handling. If we can get triple-wall polycarbonate, we could get even better heat retention, using even less fuel for greater heating potential. The cost? Closer to $10,000.00.

Adding this hardshell will significantly increase our output of fresh vegetables, and give us a working classroom and lab for students of all ages to learn about sustainability and natural gardening methods year-round. It will help us meet our mission on all three levels, and will help us help Cleveland attain its goal of becoming a Green City on a Blue Lake.


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