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New Art Installation at CGP!

Daiv Whaley talks about his eco-installation at CGP: Jacob’s Ladder: Heliotrope #1


I’ve been thinking about Rachel Carson and her sparking of the environmental movement with her book, Silent Spring,  and also about eco-artist Andrew Goldsworthy and his wonderful, ephemeral works that are part and parcel of the natural world – here today and gone tomorrow. There’s also that cool song “Heliotrope” by Robyn Hitchcock on his album, Moss Elixir, and of course the story of Jacob in the book of Genesis, having a vision of the gigantic ladder reaching up to Heaven and all the angels ascending and descending upon it. Finally, there is my favorite poet, William Blake, and his great little poem, “Ah Sunflower.” All these muses melanged together and inspired me to plant my latest ladder at CGP – complete with polaroid prints hung in the rungs and solar lights on top. Next year, I’d like to plant one for each direction on the compass!
I’m really grateful to Tim Smith for letting me create some outdoor art at CGP – with hopefully more to come, and I am extremely exicited by the good work being done there for sustainability and local gardening and environmental education. All the students who are living there seem way-cool and who’d have thought about having bee hives on a second-floor landing way!   Dig the new breed and keep digging the Earth!
daiv whaley, 6/2012


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