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Film Screening: Urban Roots

Thursday, Oct.20, 7:00 PM
FREE & Open to the Public || Potluck at 6:00 PM / Program at 7:00 PM

Peace House, 10916 Magnolia Ave., University Circle, Cleveland
Sponsored by Women Speak Out for Peace and Justice, Community Greenhouse Partners, Cityfresh & Clefnb and endorsed by the “Save Our Communities” forum.

An informal discussion on Cleveland Urban Agriculture presented by CGP will follow the film screening

Urban Roots chronicles the decline of the automotive industry in Detroit and brings the audience to the present, “lifeless” state of the area. In much of Detroit, the population density is so low that there are no major grocery stores for people to shop at, leaving the responsibility to fast-food restaurants, gas stations and private corner stores to provide people with their groceries. This is where the concept of urban farming comes in. Detroit, like many urban areas, has an issue of poverty that is perplexing, both to those who live there and experts who study it. By forming urban farms, locals in Detroit have begun turning abandoned city lots into small-scale gardens that give sense of hope and community that is truly palpable throughout the film.

This screening of Urban Roots co-incidences with National Food Day which is Monday October 24th. Urban Roots presents visually several of Food Day’s goals:

  • Reduce obesity and diet related diseases by promoting healthy diets
  • Support sustainable family farms and cut subsidies to agribusiness
  • Expand access to food and end hunger

For more information, contact Kevin Williams at or 216-773-0083

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