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Chef’s Tour of CGP

Join some of Cleveland’s finest restauranteurs, culinary artists and good-old hash-slingers as we tour the facilities and learn about the plans being made at Community Greenhouse Partners.

See what a Zumpkin looks like. Taste the difference between freshly picked Thai and Italian Basil flowers. Discover the joys of non-traditional Forest Gardening and the secret behind a successful Salad Bowl Garden.

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Painting Party!

Join us as we have the children in the neighborhood help us paint and install new signs around the CGP property. Children (of all ages) and adults are welcome to come paint and express their creativity! Refreshments will be served.

Donations of paint brushes and Tempera Paint are also greatly needed and desired. Please drop off any materials before 2 PM so we can make any last-minute purchases.

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Jak Of All Trades Fest 2011!

Jak of All Trades Fest is back! An action-packed, family-friendly, one-day, private event held at Jakprints showcasing all-things Jak! RSVP is required to attend. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a RSVP’d adult. Deadline to RSVP is Sunday 8/28/11 at 11:59 pm. Space is limited so sign up today!

To RSVP, go to

Raffle Prizes for Charity
A huge part of this year’s Jak Of All Trades Fest is fundraising for some great local charities and our sponsors are eager to help out. All raffle ticket proceeds will go directly to Community Greenhouse Partners and Midtown Cleveland.

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Help U Help Yourself Flea Market

Join us at CGP for a Flea Market this weekend in the North Lot of the farm. Many vendors, with a wealth of items on sale at low cost.

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Cleveland Food Policy Summit

Our current food system is broken. But right now lots of folks in Cleveland are hard at work to change that, whether it be through activism, farming, or bringing food to those who need it most. Join us to hear from some of the folks who are changing the food system and rebuilding the local economy at the same time and to hear how you can be involved in the good food movement. We’ll have a great panel of folks including several leading local food luminaries.

To register, Visit Food and Water Watch!

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